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She's just so much better off without him

Anyone But Joker
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A community for fans of DCU character Harleen Quinzel who prefer to see her fly solo.
Welcome one and all to Anyone_But_Joker. This community is aimed at fans of the DCU character Harleen Quinzel who maybe dislike/have grown tired of the HarleyxJoker relationship, or are interested in Harley's recent character development at the hands of her co-creator, Paul Dini. While it is certainly impossible to deny that the Joker was mainly responsible for the creation of Harley Quinn, just as Batman had a hand in the creation of the first Robin, we here at A_B_Joker feel that Harley has many distinctive, likable traits of her own and we would like to see them explored further in future DC Comics and other DC related media.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that is neither a Joker or a JokerXHarley bashing community. It is entirely possible to like both characters as separate individuals with their own storylines and have no interest in seeing a romantic relationship between the two for any number of reasons.

At A_B_Joker, postitive discussion and lively debate regarding Harley's solo series, her recent and upcoming appearances in future storylines is encouraged. Members are also more than welcome to post essays, scans, videos or anything they might find relevant to the community.

Oh, yes, we also proudly host the *clears throat*


A_B_Joker Fanfiction/Fanart/Icon Challenge!

Interested? Okay here's what to do:

1. Join our little tribe and decide on a partner for Harley, it can be anyone from Riddler to Shaggy from the Scooby Doo.

2. Done that? Good. Go to our Claims and prompt list. Here you'll see a number of prompt tables. They come in three different sizes and in five fruity flavours, the prompts can also be mixed and matched and interpreted in anyway you want. Pick a table, any table.

3. Got your table? Excellent. Copy and paste the table on your LJ and comment back in the claims and prompt list with link and the pairing you have selected.

4. Post your fic, icons, art, or link back to it in the journal. As an example, your tag for the entry should look like this: Your Username: Harley/?.

5. Once you've completed your challenge, give us a shout in the header of your last entry and we'll see about getting you a nice shiny banner.

Interested? No? Don't want to be restricted by prompts or stuck with one pairing? Fine. How about this then?

1. Go here and pick a character table instead. Mix and match fandoms if you like or make your own table if you want, it's up to you.

Challenge FAQ, Rules and Guidelines:

1. Headers for your entries should look like this:

Word Count:

2. Some people may have different preferences to you. Be respectful of that. Flaming is uncool and will get you banned from this community.

3. There's no age restrictions for the community but all entries that lean toward the smutty side should be f-locked and marked as 'Adult Content'.

4. Any number of people can do the same claim at any one time or any number of claims. It's all good.

5. Yes. Threesomes are allowed, and your fic/fanart can be set in any universe you like: DCAU, DCU, Nolanverse, crossover and A/U.

6. Simple friendship fic is more than welcome.

7. Since someone asked; if you want to your entry to include Harley/Joker in addition to the pairing you have selected for your challenge, I'll allow it. But only if it is in the background for the most part and doesn't become the whole point of your entry. There are plenty of other wonderful H/J shipper sites to post your work to if you want to do that. This community is called Anyone But Joker, no?

8. And no. There is no time limit on the challenge whatsoever.

If you have any other questions pm me and I'll try to answer you the best I can. :)



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